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About Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn. Bhd.

Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd, is a dynamic organization based in three different states in Malaysia with the registered office in Soho KL, Mont Kiara Island in the beautiful state of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are proud to serve a diverse educational group in Malaysia and around the world.

Established in April 2010, formally known as “Global Image Training and consulting”, now known as Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd. With incorporation no: (1036307-V) we are a service based company focused exclusively on fundamental, research-driven and service deliver strategies. Our products and services seek to provide individual and corporate organization with diversified exposure to various products classes within our areas of specialization.

At the heart of what we do is our commitment to the highest standards in educational services. Professional excellence, sustainability and innovation are ingrained in our values and are the driving forces behind our dedicated services for the international education community.

Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn. Bhd. takes students as far down the purchase chain as possible, getting them closer to application and enrolment - this is also your ultimate aim. We do this by giving students the exact information they require as soon as they request it, allowing them to make an informed decision with a selection of relevant results. We are the dedicated leading educational student’s recruitment/placement professionals in our field, dedicated to providing recruitment solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

 At Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd, we build dedicated teams with specialist expertise clearly focused on helping you manage and satisfy your basic needs at every point in time irrespective of your age, location and believe, to achieve growth and development in an increasingly dynamic and competitive society.

Our area specialization includes; Student Recruitments and Placement services, Visa advisory services, Travel/Tours, hotel booking and accommodation.


Our Method

Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd upholds strong principles of honesty and integrity. When we engage with you and your company we want to build your trust in our abilities and efforts by being open and transparent. Clear communication of intentions and expectations will ensure a more productive working relationship between us. Regardless of whether you’re a client, partner, or a staff member, your collaboration is integral to achieving desired results on time.

To support and coordinate education promotion through seminars and exhibitions, marketing and recruitment activities, communicating the needs and visions of our clients in a well-managed and quality assured manner for the realization of the full scope of marketing objectives.

In order to achieve our aims we operate a full time education counseling services. Our primary goal is to ensure that students who are planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner and processing their applications for admission.

At Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd. we ensure that students are equipped to cope with change to acquire the correct skills and knowledge in order to continue their learning & observation skills throughout their lives and to develop positive attitude that create individual and collect commitment to standards of perfection and excellence.

When we work together as a team and respect each other for our strengths and our weaknesses we can address problems, act against obstacles, and find appropriate solutions – accomplishing more objectives and meeting deadlines.

Everything we do matters to us because it matters to you. We strive to provide exceptional services to our clients and this starts from the initial contact to the final deliverable. We want our work to make a difference at each phase, from the beginning to the end.

You can rely on us to conduct all our work for you with professionalism, in accordance to our values, and with excellence.

Our Culture

Just as Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd puts educators first when it comes to our products, we also put our employees first when it comes to daily office life.
Doors, from the executive level to the entry level, are always open in fact, our open environment is much like a newsroom, where active listening is expected and open discussion is encouraged to benefit the entire company. We write all over the walls of our meeting rooms, we make a loud noise when sales are made, and our brainstorming meetings usually involve brilliant ideas. With our global business opportunities, there's a good chance that you'll be working on a team with colleagues from the all over the world.

But "culture" involves more than fun and games and the bright colors in our offices—it's really the philosophy behind how we run. New ideas are shared, tested, and put into practice almost immediately there's an expectation to challenge the status quo with something new. Above it all, we are committed to our "small company" feel We has many of the same qualities as the world's best corporations, but holds on to the intimate, family atmosphere that's kept us close to each other and close to our clients and prospective students.

We are extremely proud and protective of our unique heritage and unconventional culture it attracts and keeps the best and the brightest who think in nontraditional ways and it ultimately translates to a better experience for our clients around the world.

Our Success

The rich diversity of our people, our thinking, our talent and our services, the dedication of our managing team, the commitment of our staff and the trust of our clients, and the contributions we make to universities and colleges are the key to our success.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide outstanding products performance and excellent service to our clients and all prospective clients on a consistent back to back basis.

Our Slogan

Bridging the gaps between Education Institutes and You

Matrix Pacific Resources Sdn Bhd.
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70300 Seremban. Negeri Sembilan

Telephone: +601118572166
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